Holly Jolly Flannel

I really have a thing about toning down my Disney obsession for work meetings and everyday life just a notch and this shirt is right up my alley! If someone asks what my shirt says, I definitely explain it but otherwise it just looks like any other shirt. The fact that it pairs perfectly with my holiday plaids is just an extra bonus 🙂
I get pretty excited to sport holiday plaid when December arrives (see here) but I am especially excited today because not only am I wearing my favorite pattern, but the cutest Disney shirt as well! Double the fun! And to top it all off we headed out to our favorite tree farm to document this very merry outfit. 
This tee says: “I use antlers in all of my decorating!” which if you need a memory boost is a line from the song Gaston in Beauty and The Beast! I have attached a gif from the song below.
Such a good line choice compared to “and every last inch of me is covered with hair!”
Obsessed is an understatement, and I have some more fun planned with the company who makes these (Happily Ever Tees) so stay tuned. 
Oh! and I have been pretty active on Tumblr lately so feel free to follow along and send a few questions my way! Happy Weekend Friends!

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