Palm Print Dress

PSA: The dress I am wearing in this outfit…is actually a 20$ nightgown (at least according to Target)
Outfit Details: Palm Print “Dress“(a total bargain!)/ Birkenstocks (aka the only shoes I’ve worn in weeks)/ Sun Hat (a new favorite!)/ Open Knit Sweater/ Gem Cuff (c/o)/ “Diamond” Ring
You see, we went on a little road trip for the long weekend and guess who forgot her bag at home?
Yup, me. And whats worse is my boyfriend must have said “don’t forget your bag” at least 100x before we left. Embarrassing. 
One late night trip to the nearest Target was absolutely necessary. I grabbed what I needed and had to pick out something to wear for the next day. I didn’t suspect that this would be a hard task considering all the times I’ve resisted the clothing section at target previously. 
What a nightmare. 
Nothing fit, everything was either an XXS or an XXL. And when I came out of the dressing room in a huff I finally spotted one dress across the aisle that I liked in my size. Long story short, the dress is actually a nightgown and is meant for sleeping.
Personally….I dig it it as a dress and will wear it as such. To each, their own. 
Hope you had a less stressful weekend than I did, Happy 4th!

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