Navigating The Dollar Store

I feel like I was cursed with expensive taste from a very young age. I was the special type of brat that never wanted just the plain jane lego set I wanted the one with bells and whistles and Disney branding. As an adult this has transformed into a high end shopping problem that has to be balanced with the cost of living. Given this, stores like the Dollar Tree are often my best friend and I’ve always carried an admiration for thrifty people. My best friend in high school (Marisa) was always an inspirational “alien” to me, she can go through a store and head straight for the clearance rack. My best memories of her include turning in metal cans for snack cash, browsing goodwill, and DIYing just about everything. I adore her, and she has probably saved me countless amounts of money over the years. 
Being an adult is expensive. Toilet paper, toothpaste, sponges, cleaners, dry cleaning, shampoo, laundry soap….it all adds up so fast and leaves little room for fun purchases and outings. The beautiful thing about the internet is there are a ton of resources for money saving inspiration. Pinterest has quite the plethora of ideas as well as blogs such as Goodwillista and Budget Bytes. Those are just two of my favorites, there are so many more!
Below are a few things I’ve had success with at the Dollar Tree, keeping in mind that the quality is always a gamble these items are totally worth your hard earned dollar!
Laundry Clips/ I would venture to say these are one of my all time favorite buys from the Dollar Tree. Laundry is my favorite chore and these make it so easy to hang dry items. What is so ironic is I have a fancy version of this from The Container Store, and I actually prefer the dollar tree option. 
Craft Supplies/ Mod Podge is my favorite find but if your working on a craft project that requires floral elements the fabric flower selection is incredible. 
Organizers/ My best advice for organizing your space with Dollar Tree organizers is to mix and match. The ones at the dollar store can be really flimsy so my rule of thumb is to organize large spaces with more expensive/sturdy containers and tackle nooks and crannies (refrigerator, under sink storage, pantry, etc..) with dollar tree ones. 
Wrapping Paper/ I adopted the rule of recycling wrapping supplies long ago, but occasionally if I find something adorable I have to snag it. I get all my basic gift bags, cards, ribbons, and trimmings at the dollar store or the Target dollar spot and keep a steady supply so that I have some in a pinch.
Office Supplies/ Another section of the store thats hit or miss. Sometimes I find great post it note, highlighters, and pens and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on your stores selection. I have found the cutest washi tape at the Dollar Tree!
Washcloths and Rags/ A little fun fact about me, I don’t use paper towels! I use rags in my kitchen to keep things clean and cut down on my environmental footprint somewhat. I keep lysol wipes around just in case something gets out of hand but other than that I clean up my counters with reusable rags. Obviously I don’t want to spend too much on these guys because they do have a short lifespan, so I pick up tough grain Disney washcloths from the dollar store every few months. I love them!
Brand Name Cleaners/ Once in a blue moon, the dollar store carries Dawn dish soap or Tide! I clear off the shelves when this does happen and keep a steady supply in my laundry room. Make sure to double check how much volume there is in each container before you buy some, often you are overpaying for a sample size. 
Velvet Hangers/ I use velvet “space saving” hangers exclusively in my closet and although the dollar store versions are cheap comparisons to the real thing, I have found that they are perfect for holding up lightweight tops and blouses. 
Car Supplies/ Car air fresheners, wet wipes, band aids, emergency flairs, tool kit. I snag everything and anything to keep in my car from the dollar store.
What have been your best Dollar Tree finds?

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