Baublebar Sale

Baublebar is one of my favorite places to pick up adorable jewelry that wont break the bank. When I hear the news that they were having a 30% off everything I quickly browsed the items that I have been eyeing (and sat at my desk mourning for the items that I payed full price for, am I right?). Here are my favorites. Obviously in a dream world I would add all of these to my cart, but eventually I will have to narrow down this list, hehe. 
Lashed Out Collection (Pictured Above)/ My all time favorite Baublebar buy! I have the ear jackets, the ring, and the bracelet and they make for great basic pieces with a quirky funky twist. 
Talula/Tropez Tassel Collection/ New arrivals and oh so gorgeous! I also think that the blue/green color combo will transition well into the fall season!
Antigua Tassel Bib/ Funky, colorful, and the perfect addition to any tropical outfit!
Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace/ I have the two letter in tortoiseshell and the quality is supreme for the price point. I know this is coming from me (a self proclaimed monogram addict) but is there anything a monogram necklace doesn’t go with? The answer is no, they are great all around in the accessory realm. 
Acid Tassel Drops/ Super cute but move fast because these beauties sell out at lightning speed!
Capri Amulet/ Not something that I would typically pick out for myself but I love the whimsical colors and shapes, would look absolutely stunning with anything white! There is also a cape town bracelet builder that allows you to personalize the look of your stack for a discounted price. 
Marble Plane Ring/ Also a little funky and outside my “usual” accessory choice, but I am completely drawn to this piece.  
Rainbow Rock Bib/ If you are looking for a really unique piece, this necklace is for you! #AllTheColor
Cape Town Bracelet Set (now in two colors!)/ Also a best seller and its not hard to see why! The bracelet set now comes in two colors, and is a great price for colorful stacking. 
Cigar Band Ring/ Goes with everything, absolutely everything. Careful on the sizing though! These rings fit slim.
Cumulus Tassel Strands/ Gorgeous shades of sea blue and turquoise make this necklace perfect for any “mermaid in training”
Soshanna Amulet/ Im sensing a color theme…hmm. This necklace is a great length and adds a blast of color to any outfit. 
What will you/have you picked up from the Baublebar sale? The code for 30% off your entire purchase is: XMASINJULY

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