Stowaway Cosmetics

Good things come in itty bitty packages. (case and point)
Traveling is wonderful and chalk full of memory making potential, but with that said it also takes its toll and leaks into your everyday routine. Any product that makes the whole packing/travel/unpacking process a little bit easier is right up my alley. 
Stowaway Cosmetics (full kit pictured above) has tiny, easily stored makeup thats just as practical as it is cute. In a nutshell you choose your shades and they send you a kit that fits into a very small pouch for on the go. No doubt these little cuties will be coming with me in leu of a stuffed toiletry bag on my next trip.
PS. The perfume “Moonlight Gypsy” is not included with this kit and is from Pinrose Fragrances, another travel favorite of mine.
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