Monogrammed Cape

Oregon has been all over the place with spring weather, occasional downpour mixed with sunshine and intermittent heat waves. Its all over the map and you never know what your going to need till the moment you need it. To give you some idea of just how random it is, I have been keeping both umbrellas and shorts ready to go in my car.
With that in mind I recently snagged this color blocked cape so that I could swap out my “layer level” at a moments notice. I will be so sad when it finally becomes too hot out to wear it, but I have a feeling I will reach for it first thing next fall. 
Outfit Details: Monogrammed Cape/ Denim/ Evil Eye Earrings (wearing them 24/7)/ Dalmatian Print Turtleneck (same print shirt here)/ Boots/ Felt Hat (repeat offender, I know)/ Nail Color/ Wallet (new version)
Can one own too many monogrammed things? Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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