Beauty Obsessions! With Evelyn Henson

So excited to share todays post! I am teaming up with one of my favorite artists, Evelyn Henson to share some of my beauty obsessions. 
Now full disclosure, I’m not a makeup guru in any sense of the word. I like trying new products, but I tend to save the splurging for fragrance, nail color, and lip products (all about this chapstick) which may explain my obsessions. Thank you Evelyn for illustrating them so beautifully!
YSL “Sheer Candy” Lipstick– The best kind of lipstick…for people who hate the feel of lipstick! This lip color is very sheer and slides on like a lip balm, making it one of my all time favorite makeup items.
Jo Malone “Orange Blossom” Fragrance– My long standing favorite fragrance! it smells like a fresh hawaiian rain and I especially love it layered with the JM grapefruit scent in the winter.
Dipityque “Roses” Candle– I know, I know…technically NOT a beauty item but I have these little candles everywhere! On my desk, on top of my vanity, and in my bathroom. The price tag is hefty but the scent is super strong. If your in an area where you can’t burn candles you can try the diffuser or one of the perfumes.
L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream– A best seller for a reason! This lotion goes on super smooth, doesn’t feel greasy and comes in a variety of scents and sizes. I always have a miniature in my purse and on my nightstand.
A drugstore duplicate can be found here
Dior “Wonderland” Nail Lacquer– The perfect spring/summer coral color! Initially I received this nail color in a grab bag and I am now on to my third bottle.
A drugstore duplicate can be found here
Fresh “Bergamot and Citrus” Soap– Smells so so so good! And even though I know how silly this sounds…the wrapping is pretty cute too.
For the full post and to see the rest of Evelyns work click here.

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