Jonathan Adler gets me. I mean, I have yet to meet the man behind the brand yet every time I step foot into his store I walk out with “just one more thing” for my apartment. Dude must have psychic powers or something.
The Jonathan Adler team was kind enough to send over a new tote for the new year and I cant help put adore what it says on the front. (on the back is a cute scallop pattern!)
“Why be grown up when you can be groovy?”
I whole heartedly believe in marching to the beat of your own drum. Here is to a year of laughing hard, staying up late, watching a little way too much Netflix, and overall doing what works for you. Happy 2015!
Outfit Details: Elbow Patch Tunic (c/o)/ Leggings/ Booties/ Earrings (similar style/color here)/ “Groovy” Tote Bag (c/o)/ Lip Color
Hope you all have a “groovy” weekend : )
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