Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are harder to accomplish than one might think.
Lets start with the fact that I have been in my current apartment for nine months, and the whole gallery wall has been on my office floor all that time. Till last weekend, when I decided it was the only thing on my “office” to-do list that I hadn’t done yet and it was time to pull the trigger. The irony of it all was that in total (besides planning) it only took me about ten minutes to accomplish. You win some, you lose some.
What better way to celebrate getting the wall done than to share a little peek at it with you all! (My office space doubles as my “getting ready” area and closet for reference)
On My Wall
Amperstand Canvas/ Snagged a canvas from Goodwill and DIY-ed it!
PDX Prepster Canvas/ My sweet friend Dorothy painted this for me! You can check out her blog here and her canvas shop here. She is the sweetest and I love seeing her rendition of my logo when getting ready in the morning.
On My Vanity
Have you attempted or completed a gallery wall? What was your experience with the process? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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