Central Park South

Happy Wednesday!
Disclaimer: When your traveling, do you ever walk out of your hotel room thinking “I look swell” only to later see a photo and realize….”I totally should have ironed what I’m wearing.” 
Yeah…sorry guys. Please forgive. #badblogger
Moving on, I wore this dress non stop during my trip to NYC in December. If you have never heard of the brand (Piol Dress) before I highly recommend giving it a glance. It’s the perfect website if you need a basic, well fitting dress and have sizing difficulties. You design a dress and they sew it custom fit for you! What a dreamy concept.
If you have been reading this blog for awhile (if your new, Hello!) you know that I always struggle with good fit. Standing at 5’1″ everything I try on seems to be too big and too small at the same time. Custom fit websites have been a great way to get basic items that fit well, so thank you Piol Dress!
Moving on to these Julie Lopez flats, funny story. My second day I had a coffee date and a meeting in the same area and hadn’t mastered the subway just yet. I decided it was a fantastic idea to run all the way up the east side of Central Park in heeled boots that morning to get to my meeting. I made it just in time, but on my way back tripped and fell over the curb and onto the street. Graceful, I know. 
I damaged my knee and ankle (pretty mildly) and took a cab back to my hotel room. No more heeled shoes for me. 
Two good things happened after this incident. 
1. I finally (with the help of my boyfriend) learned how to use the subway system effectively.
2. Julie Lopez sent me these comfy leopard flats that saved my feet the rest of the trip. Seriously they didn’t even need breaking in. The cushioning in them is perfect and they still look like any other stylish pair of flats. They were the only shoes I wore the rest of my trip and I thank my lucky stars that I decided to pack them.
Outfit Details: Dress (c/o)/ Tights/ Shoes (c/o)/ Earrings (c/o)/ Nail Color/ Photos by Bekka Palmer
Anyone have any injury/travel stories that are equally embarrassing? Or am I just the clumsiest creature on the earth.

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