Whats In My (Holiday!) Bag

I just love “whats in my bag” posts! Since a few things have changed in my purse for the holiday season, I thought I would share with you what I have been carrying around with me lately!
Barrington Gifts “Stadium” Crossbody/ Probably one of the teeniest bags that I own. Tiny in the best way though! It holds just enough to have your essentials when you go out. Ive been taking it absolutely everywhere and ironically enough have yet to use it in a stadium! 
Buisness Cards/ You never know when you will meet someone who you might want to work with later on or even just grab a cup of coffee with. I like to have my contact info available at all times just in case. I get my business cards from moo.com and am oh-so happy with how they turn out every time. 
Starbucks Gold Card/ Gotta get those gold stars! It makes my entire week when I get a free drink. 
Nordstroms Debit Card/ If you don’t have one, get one. You earn points on purchases and it doesn’t have the same financial weight that getting a credit card does. 
Five Dollar Starbucks Gift Card/ Now your thinking “thats weird” and normally I would agree. I buy a batch of five dollar gift cards every 4 months or so to give out as impromptu gifts. I find that they are great to slip into cards to send to someone for a multitude of reasons. Perfect for celebratory occasions, thank you notes, or just when someone has had a hard day. I’ve been using them this holiday season to send to those who I want to get a little something for, but don’t know their personal taste that well. I choose to keep them in high stock around this time of year and tend to always have one with me. Incase you were wondering I settled on five dollars because it’s enough to buy any item on the menu! 
Christmas Kleenex/ So cute! I just couldn’t resist getting a pack! 
Candy Canes/ Tis the season! I always have little candy canes on me during the holiday season. It started in high school when I used to babysit and used them as rewards for a chore well done. But since then, I just like to have them around for myself!  
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil/ I use this instead of perfume around this time of year. I stumbled on this Aura Cacia one at the grocery store and quickly became obsessed with its scent. I swear it smells just like the holidays if you could capture that in a bottle. I carry the one pictured around with me in my purse and just ordered a replacement from Amazon because I’m almost out.
Seasonal Lip Gloss/ There is no doubt that I am absolutely ridiculous for carrying both of these around with me. Regardless, I love them. 
Not Pictured: A whole gambit of receipts from one too many trips to Target, embarrassing. 
What do you carry in your bag during the holidays?

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